Alien Isolation Review:


Yeah, it’s a way-late review… so what?!? I spent the first week of this game’s release playing and finishing it on the hardest setting. Forget eating & sleeping after a long day’s work… straight to Alien Isolation and back to work in the morning. This game gave me the freakin’ hebejebes, something that hasn’t happen to me since watching the original Alien on TV when I was a little kid… by myself in the dark… in the cold dingy basement that my dirt-poor family used to rent. What works about Isolation is a combination of all that’s good and bad about the game; if you are persistent and willing to put time and effort into this game… you will actually feel like you’ve accomplished something beyond just finishing a game.

First off, this game is very long...

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Mastermind Creations Feral Rex Review:


Mastermind Creations’ rendition of the Predacons is totally jaw-dropping; it spans more than a year of anticipation/delays and it costs well over 500 bucks! But it’s not the amount of effort put into this toy nor the cost that’s astonishing, rather it’s the sheer size and sophistication of these 5 individual figures and the massive combined mode. You could tell MMC was serious about catching up to the top 3rd party TF toy makers when you saw the quality improvements of the Knight Morpher seekers compared to their initial toy releases… but Feral Rex is a quantum leap forward compared to even that.

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Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe Lockdown Review:


Really sorry for the lack of activity here… just being super lazy. Yet it only takes one spark of passion to ignite the flames of writing. Though of course, this passion can easy come from rage & disappointment as well as love & admiration. Today, what influences me back is the former. Seriously, this toy as well as most of what’s coming out of Hasbro’s main retail Transformers line is utter garbage. I kinda got the hint from other reviews and just by looking at pictures of the current movie toys that I shouldn’t be buying any new TFs outside of Masterpiece and Generations. But Lockdown is a main movie character and he transforms into an Aventador… what could possibly go wrong?

First o...

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FansProject M3 Intimidator Mini Review & Hasbro vs. 3rd Parties Discussion:


This year’s SDCC saw Hasbro announce “Combiner Wars”; introducing new incarnations of Menasor and Superion gestalt toys. With designs that seem like improvements over combiners from the Energon series… should third party toy makers be worried? Well, YES for some and NO for others. You can easily guess which answer suits FansProject. The M3 collection of Stunticon tributes vastly surpasses any gestalt toy Hasbro has ever/and perhaps will ever made/make (well, Omega Prime does come close… but that’s it).


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MegaHouse Variable Action High Spec Galvion Review:


I’ve never watched the Cho Kosoku Galvion anime, so based only on how cool the images of MegaHouse’s Galvion figure looked… I decided to get it. I’m a sucker for transforming toys and even more so for ones that are supposedly designed at a “masterpiece” level. Unfortunately, the only masterpiece-like aspect of this figure is that its plastic can disintegrate just as easily as Takara’s initial MP Rodimus Prime. When considering the high quality of their PVC figures, it’s really shocking how they can manufacture something so poorly as this Galvion.

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