MegaHouse Variable Action High Spec Galvion Review:


I’ve never watched the Cho Kosoku Galvion anime, so based only on how cool the images of MegaHouse’s Galvion figure looked… I decided to get it. I’m a sucker for transforming toys and even more so for ones that are supposedly designed at a “masterpiece” level. Unfortunately, the only masterpiece-like aspect of this figure is that its plastic can disintegrate just as easily as Takara’s initial MP Rodimus Prime. When considering the high quality of their PVC figures, it’s really shocking how they can manufacture something so poorly as this Galvion.

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X-Transbots BEK-01TK Boosticus Add-on Kit for Takara Tomy Fall of Cybertron Bruticus Review:


I was pleasantly surprised with Takara’s Fall of Cybertron Bruticus and with X-Transbots’ add-on kit installed… it’s now one of the best looking gestalts in my collection (and I almost have all of them). The original Bruticus already had individual figures with great vehicle and robot modes; it’s just a few minor shortcomings of the combined design that made the toy look far worse than it should have been. It really is amazing how a small kit with relatively few parts can make such a huge improvement to this set.


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Wolfenstein: The New Order Review


“They put a Nazi on the moon? F*ck the moon.” One of many epic one-liners from William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz… the legendary protagonist of Wolfenstein. This latest incarnation for the FPS series of games is perhaps the greatest. The reason being that the creators of this game injected a heartwrenching plot into a seriously fun-to-play shooter. The levels are huge with a wide variety of enemies. Playing The New Order reminds me exactly why I love playing video games in the first place… to be utterly challenged and entertained.

So, right of the bat… t...

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Transformers Generations Legends Cosmos with Payload Review:


Cosmos has always been a quirky little Autobot that never really fit in when it came to style or form of how a Transformer should look like. The dang think was a tiny little green 50s-like space saucer that turned into a barely recognizable robot. The legends sized figure released a few years back was a great improvement but it still failed in robot form. Almost 3 decades after the original was released… we finally get something that I would call a proper Transformer.

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My Sautéed Kale Recipe:


I don’t like kale very much, even as a garnish on baby back ribs or a surf & turf platter… I always wish it was replaced with green herbs instead. I found the most basic recipes and just made a slightly different one of my own for maximum taste and minimum texture (I hate the grass/straw like feel of the dam thing). This veggie had better be good for one’s health and not just some fad… ‘cause I’ve been grazing on it like a bull to pasture. My recipe does make it manageable though (but then again, some peps really love the stuff).

- ...

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